I sprained my lower back when I practice yoga, after two acupuncture treatments from Shu-Chin, my lower back does not hurt anymore.

E.O. Montville, NJ

I was diagnosed with glaucoma from my eye doctor and he wanted to put me on eye drop medication for the rest of my life. Instead of using the eye drop medication, I get acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine from Shu-Chin for two months. After the treatments, I no longer have glaucoma anymore, the result from the test is normal.

M.O. Montville, NJ

I had shoulder surgery years ago. Less than 2 years, the condition of my shoulder started to deteriorate and Range of Motion also decreased. The acupuncture treatments from Shu-Chin have been very effective. Beside my shoulder, when my seasonal allergy picks up, Shu-Chin treated me and I don’t have any problems. When I sprained my ankle, again Shu-Chin treated me and within 24 hours I never would know I had a sprained ankle.

N.C. Morris Plains, NJ

I have hay fever/seasonal allergy for more than 15 years. Ever since I start my acupuncture treatments and take Chinese Herbal Medicine from Shu-Chin, my hay fever has been under control. I don’t need to get allergy shots anymore; I don’t need to take allergy pills anymore.

W.S. Whippany, NJ

I have elbow tendinitis. The pain still came back six months later after I got prednisone shot. My doctor recommended surgery for my condition. Since I get acupuncture from Shu-Chin, I have great improvement.

M.R. Towaco, NJ

I always have neck problem and leg pain (sciatica). After treatments from Shu-Chin, my neck and my leg feel great. My leg pain does not wake me up anymore when I sleep.

S.R. Towaco, NJ

I have sprained my low back and couldn’t straight my back when I walk or sit for ten days. After a couple of acupuncture treatments from Shu-Chin, I no longer have low back pain.

L.M. West Orange

After the surgery of my low back, I still have severe low back pain and the doctor recommended me to get epidural shot. Unfortunately, the epidural shot went wrong and I immediately lost sensation of left side of my body, including my left ribcage, my back of my left leg. I was on wheelchair for months before I was able to walk again. Ever since the accident of epidural shot, I was in constant pain of my low back, my left knee, and leg. I was always limping and feeling painful when I walk.

After the acupuncture treatments from Shu-Chin, I feel so much better. I am not limping anymore when I walk, and I started to have some sensation at my ribcage area for the first time in three years. My quality of life is finally back. I am able to go shopping; I am able to do my bike exercise again. Most important, I feel positive and happy.

Now, my goal is to lose weight and look my best. Again, with Shu-Chin’s help, I already lost 11 pounds and am still counting.

S. R. Bloomfield, NJ

Whenever I have problems, the acupuncture treatments and Chinese Herbal Medicine from Shu-Chin is my first choice. Shu-Chin treats me either acupuncture or Chinese Herbal Medicine for my neck pain, palpitation, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, depression, stress, acid reflux, digestive disorders. M. E.